Pupils in Kariyangwe had no access to clean drinking water. The first project of the PFAU-association was to build a water supply system (90 meter deep drilled borehole, equipped with a solar powered water pump). 14 solar panels, two water tanks with 5000 litres each, seven water taps and two smaller water tanks for cleaning the toilets have
made life easier for 800 pupils and 20 teachers, which have now fresh groundwater for drinking, cooking and watering the school garden. Hygiene measures could be introduced, like washing hands after using the toilets and cleaning the toilets.


The inauguration of the water supply system took place in August 2014. About 1,500 people celebrated the  commissioning of the borehole with dances, speeches, songs and a meal for everybody. Thanks to all supporters who
made that project possible – especially to Michaela Baschny, who is the main donator.

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Harvests in 2013 and 2014 were poor due to droughts. PFAU therefore decided to support the pupils of Kariyangwe Mission Primary School with a feeding program. The school provided equipment and parents cooked a daily meal for every pupil at school. Various donators enabled that parents and local people could be preparing a meal of rice and beans for 800 pupils once a day over a period of 37 school days. Many thanks to all supporters of that project.

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Raycroft Munga is an albino child who suffers from myopia. The PFAU-association supported her with a special sun blocker, a magnifying glass to make it easier for her to read texts at school and financed the transport to an eye specialist in Bulawayo. Raycroft now has had eyeglasses since March 2013.

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With the help of sponsored school fees from the PFAU-association the Kariyangwe Mission Primary School has been able to improve school infrastructure, by fencing the school campus to ward off animals, electrifying cottages of the teachers and school buildings and planting the school garden. During our visit we were able to hand over sports equipment, laptops and digital cameras for school purposes. There is still more to do, like the renewal of the plaster of school buildings.

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Furthermore, with the help of sponsored school fees from the PFAU-association the Kariyangwe Mission Primary School could also erect new toilets, some of which are even handicapped accessible. The water from the borehole can now be used for hand washing after toilet use. Soaps will be installed for hand washing.

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A school garden was set out and trees like Avocado and Guava have already been planted. Promise and the school administration are working on a concept for a school garden to grow vegetables and maize. The objective of laying out a school garden is to grow as much as possible to support every pupil with a healthy meal.

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In order to save groundwater and use this precious good carefully, the PFAU-association wants to install gutters and water tanks to collect rain water from the roofs of the school buildings. This water can be used for watering the school garden. Kariyangwe has approximately 500 millimetres of rain a year.

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The academic project “Recording cultural and historical memory in Kariyangwe” was set up by the PFAU-association in order to preserve central stories, myths and the history of the people around Kariyangwe in a scientific way. Pupils of the KMPS and other people are responsible for valuable contributions to the project.

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Motivated teachers are very important at school. School fees are part of teachers’ remuneration. The PFAU-association
has supported two teachers of the Kariyangwe Mission Primary School by paying fees for their Bachelor studies. These
two teachers are responsible for implementing PFAU-projects at school (for example by mentoring Tonga stories project).
Teachers also received laptops, USB-flash drives and digital cameras from the PFAU-association.

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The aim of this project is to facilitate a daily meal for 800 pupils at Kariyangwe Mission Primary School. Therefore it is necessary to build a kitchen and equip it with solar cookers. The school kitchen will be constructed together with four new classrooms for early childhood development. The food will be supplied from local farmers – who can thus generate income for themselves and be more self-sustaining. Additional food will come from the school garden, which still needs to be set out.

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Zimbabwe has one of the highest HIV-positive/AIDS rates in the world. A local organization dealing with that subject has stopped aid due to lack of funding. The PFAU-association, in cooperation with the local hospital, is now seeking for possibilities to support HIV-positive and chronically ill pupils (also with a daily healthy diet).

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The PFAU-association is looking for further project ideas e.g. cooperation with the local hospital (telemedicine), voluntary service or cultural exchange. Everybody can help and also bring up ideas. Together the PFAU-association aims to strengthen the human rights of pupils in Kariyangwe.