About PFAU

The PFAU-association was founded in 2011, after Claus Putz and Promise Simwinde Muleya had met each other by chance in Harare in 2008 and joined forces to establish a caritative association for pupils in Kariyangwe, where Promise grew up. The PFAU-association chairman Claus Putz and his friends in or around Friedberg (eastern part of Styria) or the city of Salzburg set up the PFAU-association in order to help the pupils and the school.

About Promise

Born 1984 and raised in the rural and dry part of Zimbabwe called Kariyangwe, Promise Simwinde Muleya, the name giver of the PFAU-association, undertook several academic studies in the field of agronomy and soil science, worked
as a teacher and as a member/coordinator of academic projects. Since 2013 he has been researching for his PhD-thesis in the Netherlands and Zimbabwe. In 2008 he met Claus Putz in Zimbabwe, that was the beginning of PFAU.


The Tonga people settled along the valley of the Zambesi until they were forced, due to the construction of the Kariba dam in 1957, to move to interior parts of present-day Zambia or Zimbabwe. Most of the Tonga people in Zimbabwe
live in the Binga district (part of Matabeleland North). One part of this is called Kariyangwe (approximately 65 kilometers south of Binga), where Promise Simwinde Muleya grew up. In the center of Kariyangwe (about 10.000  inhabitants) the Kariyangwe Mission Primary School, the Kariyangwe Secondary School (High School) and the church are situated.

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Members of the PFAU-association have travelled twice to Kariyangwe so far. On the first journey in 2012 central agreements between the PFAU-association and the school-administration were reached, in order to help the pupils with  establishing PFAU-sponsorships and the school with planning and/or financing technical projects (borehole etc.).
In 2014 the second journey was made, when the bore hole project was inaugurated and the project „Recording cultural
and historical Memory in Kariyangwe“ was started. The PFAU-association wants to thank all the people in Kariyangwe, who were responsible for the pleasant stay of the PFAU-members! We are already looking forward to the next journey!


The growth of the PFAU-association over the last few years is not only linked with the coordination of a high number of sponsors, sponsorships or PFAU-members, but it also involves an increase of financial endowment and responsibility. The guideline of the PFAU-association is unambiguous: full transparency with respect to all financial concerns. Thus, all annual financial statements are available at any time. This brings along a big advantage, as it allows to prove the careful, effective, and meaningful use of our sponsors‘ funds.

Two goals drive the financial figures: the PFAU-sponsorships for supporting children to attend school and investments in the area of infrastructure, like the water supply facility. The volume becomes obvious when looking at the financial report of the year 2014: The PFAU-association achieved earnings of € 28,485.31, while the spendings amounted to € 31,703.42, thereof, € 21,242.33 were assigned to investments in the water supply facility and € 9,996.88 were transferred to the Kariyangwe Mission Primary School as sponsorships.

The PFAU-association wants to thank all sponsors for their financial support, which makes all the great things happen in Kariyangwe. Naturally, we are also delighted regarding your faith in our work and the projects. We hope that we can keep on sharing our passion for the PFAU-association with many people and convincing them concerning the importance of our activities.


Numerous events and activities of the PFAU-association or our members could not just raise funds, but also motivate many people to sponsor a child (also see German version).

• Catering at the tropical night „Ligohoya“
• Presentation of the book „Mocambique“
• Travelogue about Peru & Bolivia
• Benefit Concert „10 years Schwaighofer Stubnmusi“
• Booth at the Christmas market in Friedberg
• Travelogue about Zimbabwe
• Action day at Nature hairdresser Cuture
• Choral workshops with final concerts
• Booth at the Flea market in Freilassing
• Travelogue „In the south of the world“
• Movie presentation „Kariyangwe & we“