The goal of PFAU is to allow needy children in Kariyangwe to attend school and consequently, to make use of the right to education. Therefore, the PFAU-association offers the opportunity to sponsor a child. With an amount of only € 50.- per year school attendance is enabled for this child. Over the past few years, the number of sponsors has risen from 106 in 2013 to 176 in 2015, what sums up to more than 200 sponsored children.

The selection of needy children is organized by the school. In the course of this selection process, family status  (complete orphan/half-orphan), diseases like albinism or AIDS, and poverty are considered. Due to the fact that Primary School in Kariyangwe has eight grades, the sponsorships usually cover up to eight years with the option to stop the sponsorship at any time. With potential help from sponsors, highly skilled children can also continue their education
in Secondary School.

The sponsorships include the option to get in touch with the children and to send letters on a mutual basis. Furthermore, the annual school report informs all our sponsors about the pupils‘ progress in school. In case that you are interested in becoming a PFAU-sponsor please contact the people in charge personally or via email  (patenschaften@ pfau-verein.org). The PFAU-association really looks forward to welcoming you as a sponsor.